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How does the Court value a dental claim?
The starting point to any dental claim will be the “Judicial College guidelines for the assessment of general damages in
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The dangers of comparing compensation in dental claim cases
One question that I am constantly being asked by dental claim clients is how one dental legal claim can be
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The complexity of dental claims
Whilst at a recent meeting with a Barrister in London, (whom I should mention is very experienced in dealing with
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Over the Counter Tooth Whitening: the Dangers
It is clear that the practice of tooth whitening is ‘the practice of dentistry’ and as such only registered dentists
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How to Avoid a Dental Negligence Claim
My job as a Solicitor specialising in negligence claims against dentists is not an easy one, however, some dentists make
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Expert Witness? It Could Be a Risk
Any dentist that provides expert witness assistance should beware of signing joint (or indeed any other) statements that they do
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Providing Copies of Patients’ Notes
I have been asked to supply copies of a patient’s dental notes and records, what do I do now? This question
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How Much Is My Dental Negligence Claim Worth? Part 1 – General Damages
As a specialist dental negligence solicitor, I am often asked about how much a particular dental claim is worth. It
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Does an Apology Constitute and Admission of Guilt in Dental Negligence?
The British are extremely good at two things: Queuing and apologising. For evidence, just look at Hugh Grant’s bumbling character
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Patients Want Answers, Not Choices
Will the proposed complaints scheme for non-NHS dentistry really work? A consultation document was published in May 2002setting out the
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