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Dental claim for botched extractions, infections, retained roots and ill fitting dentures – Caselaw
Dental Claim Caselaw: Botched extractions, infections, retained roots and ill fitting dentures. C v P (2018) – Out of Court
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Dental Claim For Sepsis – Caselaw
Dental Claim for Sepsis T v B (2018)- Out of Court Settlement In May 2017, the Claimant underwent routine dental
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breach of duty and causation
An Explanation Of Breach Of Duty & Causation In Dental Claims
An Explanation of Breach of Duty & Causation in Dental Claims   Dental negligence is a complicated area of law, but
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How To Draft A Witness Statement In A Dental Claim
How To Draft A Witness Statement In A Dental Claim It is quite a common occurrence that I ask my
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Why Do You Need My Notes & Records For My Dental Claim?
Why do you need my notes and records for my dental claim This is one question that I am constantly
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Photo of a woman's perfect teeth
Gum Disease Information
Periodontal Disease / Gum Disease Information  What is periodontal or gum disease? This drawing of a healthy tooth cut in
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The Importance Of Expert Evidence In Your Dental Claim
An expert’s role is paramount in your dental claim as it is the expert’s evidence that the Judge will consider
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What Is The Compensation Recovery Unit (CRU) & How Will This Affect My Dental Claim?
The Compensation Recovery Unit (CRU) – What’s it all about?  Will if affect my dental claim? Introduction CRU stands for
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Part 36 Offers In Dental Claims- What Are They & How Do They Work?
What is a Part 36 Offer? A Part 36 offer is an offer made by either party as a tactical
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stop sign you cannot make a dental claim
Are There Any Reasons Not To Take On A Dental Claim?
Are there any reasons why you would not take on a dental claim?   In short, yes, lots of reasons!
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