Dental Claim Compensation

Dental Negligence Claim Compensation

How Does Dental Claim Compensation Work?

Under UK law, if you can prove that a health professional was negligent during your care or treatment, and this negligence caused you injury, damage or a loss, then you are entitled to compensation.

You have both a right to adequate and appropriate dental treatment, and a right to seek redress when the standard falls short of what is acceptable.

That’s why you should not hesitate in seeking help from Dental Law Claims where we can explore your case for dental negligence compensation.

What Is Dental Negligence Compensation For?

Dental negligence compensation could simply be a way of having any costs you have incurred refunded. Dental treatments are often expensive, and if you are unhappy with the result, it could be that a refund is the most appropriate resolution to your problem.

You could be entitled to compensation for loss of teeth or damage to your teeth and the idea behind bringing a dental claim is to put you back in the position you would have been in if the negligence had not occurred.

If you’ve been the victim of unsatisfactory treatment or dental treatment that has resulted in pain, stress, or injury, you may be entitled to more compensation to cover both future treatment costs. In this case, your dental negligence claim could include cash to help you to correct any residual problems.

Compensation for dental law claims can also cover any out of pocket expenses that were caused by the defendant’s negligence. This would need to be proved, but could include travel expenses, loss of income or medications such as painkillers along with remedial treatment costs.

How Much Compensation Is Available for Dental Negligence?

How much you receive from your dental law claim depends on a wide range of factors. This includes the amount of damage and distress that was caused and the extent of your dental injuries.

The skill of the Dental Law Claims service is in formulating a strong case on your behalf and ensuring that your dental negligence compensation is the fullest amount possible.

Ensuring You Keep the Maximum Amount of Your Dental Claim Compensation

Our no win, no fee service ensures you get the most of your compensation claim as possible. We charge 25% (or less by agreement) of the final amount paid to you, and we’re more than happy to negotiate the exact cost of our services with you.

This ensures you get more at the end of the claim than if you use a firm that charges an expensive fixed fee at the start or a firm that works on an hourly rate while also ensuring there’s no financial hit should we not win your case.

How Long Will My Claim Take?

Your claim can take a while to process as each claim differs hugely from the next. While a single filling or wrongful extraction may be a quick claim to chase, more lengthy treatments such as gum disease or failing dental implants might take much longer. On average, most of our claims are completed from anywhere from 4 to 12 months depending on complexity.

We’ll always aim to have your claim solved as soon as possible and we’ll give you a good estimation when you contact us for your consultation. As a rough guide, it usually takes around 4 weeks for your claim to be fully documented and researched properly. With all the supporting documents and evidence in one place, a further week would be needed to start the process.

Your dentist will then have 4 months under the court rules to recognise the claim made against them and decide whether or not to accept or deny responsibility for the claim. If they deny it, the claim can understandably go on for much longer.

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