Can I Make a Claim Against My Dentist?

Can I Make A Dental Negligence Claim Against My Dentist?

Find out whether you could make dental injury claims with our handy guide below

If something goes wrong with a dental treatment, whether it’s cosmetic or as preventative dentistry, the results can be anywhere from uncomfortable and embarrassing, to life-altering or even requiring emergency treatment. In these cases, it’s always important to consider making a dental injury claim to see if you can be awarded compensation to pay for restorative treatment, as well as for any other damages incurred as a result.

Many people avoid making a dental injury claim after a poor treatment, either due to not realising the treatment had gone wrong, or by assuming that they don’t have a good enough reason to claim.

This leads to many missing out on financial compensation that could help them resolve their pain, dental health and any losses as a result of dental negligence.

Read on to find out whether or not you could claim compensation for your dental treatment.

What counts as dental negligence?

It can be difficult to tell whether you’ve been the victim of dental negligence or that your dental treatment didn’t succeed due to no fault of the dentist. Many dental treatments can have a limited success rate, which is usually discussed prior to the treatment taking place.

Dental negligence is defined as avoidable damage to your teeth, gums, or oral health as a result of incorrect procedures, treatments, or as a result of a lack of timely treatment leading to further damage. While mistakes happen and can be expected in dentistry and healthcare, if the mistake has happened as a result of an incorrect procedure followed, you may have a strong claim for dental negligence.

Ultimately, if you feel that a dental treatment wasn’t carried out properly, it’s worth investigating further, firstly by discussing or complaining to your dentist or by making an NHS complaint. If this doesn’t lead to adequate resolution, then you should proceed with your dental injury claim.


What type of dental treatment can I claim for?

While there are a range of common issues that many people have with their dentists, your exact claim will always be unique to you. Generally speaking, these are the most common dental treatments claimed for:

  • Incorrect diagnosis or lack of preventative care that’s led to further problems
  • Poor treatments during cosmetic or preventative dentistry, leading to one or more broken teeth
  • Injury or loss of nerves in or around the mouth
  • Wrongful or botched extractions leading to further treatment
  • Scarring or tissue damage on the face or inside the mouth
  • A treatment making previous treatments ineffective (breaking a previously treated tooth)
  • General unnecessary damage to teeth, gums, or the mouth

Regardless of the treatments above, if you’ve suffered as a result, it’s likely that you can make a dental injury claim in some way.


How long do I have to make a dental injury claim?

You have three years from the date of treatment to make your dental injury claim. However, if you have only just found out that you’ve been the victim of dental negligence, you can also claim within the years of discovering the issue. This is known as the “Date of Knowledge” and requires an assessment from an independent dental professional to progress.

Get in touch with us if you’d like more advice on whether you’re still able to make a claim.

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