Can I Sue My Dentist for Not Diagnosing Periodontal or Gum Disease?

Has your dentist failed to diagnose or treat gum disease? Find out if you could claim below.

What is gum disease (periodontal disease)?

Gum disease or giving it its full name “periodontal disease” is taken from the latin: “Perio” meaning “around” and  “dontal” meaning “the teeth“.

Despite their best efforts, some dentists fail to spot gum disease and it does quite often happen. Some dentists do spot it but then fail to treat it properly.

The usual scenario is that a patient will attend a dentist for a number of years until one day they see a different dentist for some reason (usually at the same practice) who informs them that they have gum disease or periodontal disease.  This usually comes as quite a shock!  Questions are then usually asked as to why their usual treating dentist did not detect the gum disease.  This is where I can help you as a specialist dental negligence claim solicitor.

Failure to spot gum disease can result in a lot of pain and unnecessary suffering and lead to a compensation claim payout.  Periodontal claims or gum disease claims are fairly common to deal with and your dentist owes you a duty of care to check for gum disease at regular intervals and if your periodontal disease has gone undiagnosed for a length of time, your dentist could be negligent for failing to diagnose and treat your gum disease.  Once your gum disease has been spotted, your dentist should be carrying our other dental procedures to prevent the disease and if they do not, they may be guilty of dental negligence. 

Most dental claim clients that I deal with have no idea that they have gum disease and this can come as a real shock. 

Periodontal claims are some of the most expensive claims to deal with, this is because usually a number of teeth will be lost and will need to be replaced with dental implants or other options. This can be very expensive with remedial treatment costs running into tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Can I sue my dentist for not spotting that I have gum disease?

Yes. Generally speaking, if you’re suffering from gum disease you may have a dental claim, especially if the dentist has been seeing you regularly for treatment.  Its a clear sign that something hasn’t been diagnosed and calls for further investigations.

What can I do if I think I’ve been the victim of dental negligence?

The first step you should take is to contact the dentist that carried out the work and explain the problem or make a complaint. Since dental standards are extremely high, it’s likely they’ll take the matter very seriously and offer a solution to the problem. If they charge for this work and you feel it’s their fault it didn’t work in the first instance, you may be able to make a claim to get them to pay for this treatment.

In some cases, the pain is a result of a natural problem, such as the way your teeth have responded to the treatment.

If it’s an NHS dentist, there are straightforward procedures to making your complaint. If it’s a private dentist, they will likely have their own complaints procedure which they must explain to you when you contact them.

If you cannot get in touch with your dentist to make the complaint, or if you’re against talking to them directly, you can contact either an independent dental expert or our dental law specialist to discuss the next steps.

Need help with your dental pain and suffering? Feel like you’ve been the victim of a negligent dentist? We’re here to help. Fill out our questionnaire form to speak with our dental law specialist for a free, no-obligation consultation on your dental treatment. We’ll help you make and win your claim.

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